Laser cutting

We do laser cutting using a CO-laser device with a work desk size of 1600x900mm.

We cut different lightweight materials. For example:

  • plywood (thickness 1-8mm)
  • Plexiglas (thickness up to 10 mm)
  • different plastic materials (PS, PP, PA, PVC)
  • papers, also cardboards (Kapa, Köln etc.)
  • leather and fabric (leather, synthetics, silk etc.)

Samples of details / surfaces cut

As a rule, the edge of the materials cut is clean and brownish. Only thick wooden materials tend to blacken when being cut. The cut edge of acrylic remains clean and glassy.

Laser etching

It is possible to etch nearly all materials that can be cut. The end result depends on the materials used. We are always willing to do a sample or test product.

Until now, we have etched the following materials:

  • plywood/wood
  • acrylic/plastic
  • papers/cardboards
  • stainless steel

Samples of etched details/surfaces

The exact result depends on the customer’s wishes. The darkness and depth of the etching can be adjusted. It is possible to etch even very light materials (paper, cardboard.)

Product development

You have ideas that have not been completely formed yet. You have drafts and sketches, but would like to move towards a prototype. We help our customers with product development – this could mean everything starting from digitalising pencil drawing to full solutions (drawings, prototype, production).


So far we have helped to execute very different ideas / projects:

  • lights
  • product displays
  • product packaging / boxes
  • gifts/gift packagings
  • jewellery

Samples of our customers’ products

Below you can see some of our customers’ products, which we have helped to develop to a lesser or higher extent.

Engineering consultations and project design

We offer technical consultations and project design in mechanical engineering. The activities of KR Stuudio are not based only on laser cutting and light materials.

  • digitalising paper drawings
  • digital prototyping (3-D models)
  • technical projects, work drawings of details

Samples of project design / construction works

Below you can see some of our completed works in construction.

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